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About myself

      My name is Nikki Killjoy. I am a female tattoo artist from New Brunswick, Canada.  I started my apprenticeship at a shop called "Pins and Needles" under the head artist Jon Comeau in January, 2009.  My influences in the tattoo industry include Bob Tyrrell,  Joshua Carlton, Nick Baxter, Teresa Sharpe, and of course my mentor! I draw inspiration from so many artists as I work hard to include all styles of tattooing in my career.
    My favorite styles of tattooing, I love to do grey scale, anything with nice soft shading and nice dark contrasts are really fun to do.  I also love doing really colorful stuff. I love doing flowers, animals, anything girly and swirly, as well as anything sea life. I enjoy taking any idea the client has and turning it into something unique to them and customized. 
    My views on sanitation are very strict. I will not, and have never tattooed out of anything other than a professional shop.  I use completely disposable tubes and needles or cartridges. I have my blood borne pathogens certificate and have taken WHIMIS training. 
    I take tattooing very seriously and love learning new things about the industry. I have learned from many artists I have worked with over the years and always am open to taking on more learning opportunities to further my skill! 

Personal stuff~
Ever since I was little I have been interested in art, music, and the girly things in life. I play guitar, Piano, and I sing.  I am a licensed make up artist and work in the makeup industry from time to time either with freelance or working for makeup brands. I love to paint water color and acrylic and pencil sketch and try anything I can get my hands on. I am also a published illustrator and have worked on different projects throughout the years.


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